HHH mini-playbook. Feel free to edit/comment/add/etc/etc

(As at January 2024 well overdue for an update)

What’s the newsletter

General structure of the newsletter

How to make the newsletter

In general:

  1. Get the main topic written
  2. Put together the Chainlog section and get it reviewed and fact-checked
    1. A draft version of the Chainlog is made in Notion (see here for an index)
    2. Post a link to the draft version in **📧-news** and tag all the Guilds.
      1. Better to tag Guilds instead of all Players
    3. Make updates and changes as required
      1. Idea: react to a message with 👀 to indicate you’ve seen it; change the 👀 to a ✅ when the change has been made
  3. Add open roles, write the sign-off
  4. Copy the content into Substack
    1. Images won’t paste properly from Notion. See the ‘Delete’ heading of this article on the Substack editor
  5. 📨